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About Striders SRD 
This is an English Translation of Frontearth Striders Source Reference Document(SRD). It contains the main contents of the game except for world settings.
All contents of Striders SRD follow Creative Commons License CC-BY 4.0. You can use Striders SRD free when you wrote a copyright notice. You don't need to sustain license to your own rule using Striders SRD.

About Frontearth Striders
Frontearth Striders is a tabletop role-playing game about explorers striding through a turbulent world and being dragged into all sorts of problems-with simple and playable rules.
The world of Frontearth Striders is based on the setting of ‘Legacy of Earenean’, A Korean role playing game written by Kyeon-Hwan Jeon. Though 700 years have passed from the original world, and now equipped with 1950s technology. External link: https://gearoong.itch.io/frontearth-striders

How to use Striders SRD
Play the game
Striders SRD does not contain world settings, but those who familiar with RPG can play this SRD with their settings.

Copy the game
You can copy Striders SRD when you write copyright notice. 

Make your own game
You can make your RPG with Striders SRD. It does not need to have permission, but there are some terms to follow with.

  1. First of all, please write a copyright notice. It's very important. Read the section below to write copyright notice.
  2. You cannot use the title Frontearth Striders or Striders SRD as the title. Do not use the same name for your title.
  3. Since the world setting of Frontearth Striders is a derivative work of ‘Legacy of Earenean' by Kyeon-Hwan Jeon, you cannot use the world setting of Frontearth Striders. Please fill your product with your own unique settings.
  4. You cannot make something insulting someone with Striders SRD. It cannot be used as such, and it shouldn’t be.

Copyright notice

When you do something with Striders SRD, please write the following sentence. Make sure the following sentence is placed where it’s clearly visible:

This document is made with Striders SRD written by Youngmin Lee. This document has a right to use Strider SRD claimed by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Rules that helped
This SRD stands on the shoulder of Into the Odd by Chris Mcdowall, The Black Hack by David Black, Blades in the Dark by John Harper, Mausritter by Issac Williams, Dogs in the Vineyard by Vincent Baker, Thank you Troublebusters(고마워요 대소동 해결단) by Rolling People(구르는 사람들), and Legacy of Earenean(이어리니안의 유산) by Kyeong-Hwan Jeon(전경환).

Dice reference
Based on the position of the letter ‘d’, numbers in front of ‘d’ determine the number of dice rolled(It means one, in case of nothing), numbers after ‘d' determine the number of sides the dice have. For example, 3d6 means three six-sided dices, and d20 means one twenty-sided dice.
A polyhedral dice set contains seven dice: four-sided(d4), six-sided(d6), eight-sided(d8), ten-sided dice with the ones(d10), ten-sided dice with the tens(d100), twelve-sided(d12), and twenty-sided dice(d20) each.
When rolling multiple dice of different sizes, always sum the dice results unless there is notice.

How to play
Prepare a set of polyhedral dice and two d6s.
Find friends to play together.
All Players make their Player Characters and make an Expedition where all Player Characters are enlisted.
One player takes on the role of a Navigator (equivalent to a game master in other games), preferably someone who wants to play with the rule.
Use Scenario Toolkit to roughly create a game world to play on.
Navigator describes the game world and creates events and problems for Player Characters can solve. 
The other Players travel the game world and solve problems with their Characters.
 Players can take the role of Navigator freely during the play.


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